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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Education and Support Services (UO)

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LGBT Education and Support Services engages the UO community through LGBTQIA+ programming honoring cultural months while fostering community building, student development, student well-being, and leadership development.

Yearlong events: LGBTQIA+ History Month, Trans Day of Remembrance, Coming Out Day, and LGBTea Time
Bridges Speakers Bureau employs auto-ethnography and student development through coming out stories and facilitates honest dialogue to educate about the diverse lives of LGBTQIA+ people
Lavender Graduation honoring LGBTQIA+ graduates and accomplishments
GSA Visit Day is a conference facilitated by UO students for LGBTQIA+ youth in Lane County
LGBTQIA+ Scholars Academic Residential Community for LGBTQIA+ living-learning scholarship
Creating Change Conference is a national LGBTQIA+ conference attended by Promote active ally tools for faculty, staff, and students through peer-to-peer social justice facilitation and educational opportunities to foster inclusive campus climate, intercultural competency, and student retention.
Queer Ally Coalition is a four-hour Safe Zone training program UO constituents to learn ally tools
Support LGBTQIA+ students in crisis in resource navigation, self-advocacy, crisis management, and identity development to improve student success outcomes, self-efficacy, and retention efforts.
The Coordinator provides direct support for LGBTQIA+ students experiencing disparities, discrimination, resource insecurity, and crisis impacting attrition and student well-being. The Coordinator resources students to community partners to access support for transition, coming-out, basic needs, mental health, and identity.
LGBTQIA+ Emergency Fund to offer assistance to LGBTQIA+ students experiencing financial insecurity
Advocate for clear and accessible policies, procedures, and resources related to LGBTQIA+ student success and retention through establishing and maintaining collaboration with campus and community partners.
Faculty Senate Committee on LGBTQIA Concerns (SOAGIE) addresses barriers to inclusion on campus
Collaborates with campus partners to create LGBTQIA+ Student-Ready practices, policies, and facilities

Mission/Vision Statement
The mission of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Education and Support Services (LGBTESS) is to provide education and support that enhances the academic and personal growth of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and ally students, faculty, staff, and visiting community members while assisting in the creation of a campus climate that is free from homophobia, heterosexism, and gender bias, and allows unrestricted access to and full involvement in our campus community. LGBTESS is a recognized program since 1993.
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Haley Wilson, Coordinator
(541) 346-6105
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