Wish You Were Here

On June 13, the EGMC planned to entertain you with our 2nd Spring Concert in Eugene (and on the afternoon of the 14th in Corvallis)! Our artistic director Evan Miles and all of our membership SOOOOO wish we could’ve been singing for you! But lockdowns happen, and we haven’t been able to sing together since March.

The year 2020 had been shaping up to be a tremendous celebration of song for our young organization! We shared a magnificent joint concert in February with Soromundi, “Shed a Little Light” that set a positive tone for this year and convinced us to plan future collaborations. We were also invited to join with the Eugene Women’s Choral Society, the National Symposium on LGBTQ Studies and Music Education, and The Oregon Bach Festival where we would’ve joined multiple choirs in a performance of “Considering Matthew Shephard.”

What amazing opportunities those would have been. However, we will not be held down. Although singing in large groups is not feasible for some time, we are planning how we will continue to bring music and awareness to our Willamette Valley friends in creative ways. We are planning a musical event for fall so we can perform music by individuals and small groups that we can share online! We are continuing to meet (virtually) to stay connected and are considering multiple ways we can learn and practice until we rehearse again! Until then, our chorus, our board of directors, and our artistic director Evan Miles remain positive and creative in these unusual times.

All of these activities would not be possible, of course, without the encouragement and monetary support from you and our network of friends. Your contribution, along with a small grant we received from the Oregon Community Foundation will help keep us afloat until we perform again. Any amount helps. Your contribution, $50, $25, or even the cost of the ticket ($15) you might’ve bought to a performance this month will help sustain us until you can enjoy our next LIVE PERFORMANCE! Click here to donate online now.

Also note that your 2020 contributions to the EGMC and any other cultural non-profit qualify you to match that amount in a gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust, WHICH YOU GET BACK 100% WHEN YOU FILE YOUR 2020 OREGON TAX RETURN! See their site for details!  They support the EGMC too!

We will sing again!

Thank you, and be well!

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